Get your children programming with Scratch

Applying mathematical thought and skills.

Format: On-line
Course duration: 20 hours
ENROL €89.00

About the Course

More and more primary schools are introducing Scratch programming to their pupils, both within the school day and in after-school clubs. Would you like to learn a new set of skills? Would you like to launch an exciting educational initiative in your school in the coming year, based on teaching children a set of skills, which could ultimately set them on a trajectory to a future career in IT? If the answer is YES, then this course is definitely for you. You will acquire the ‘skills set’ to programme and create games in Scratch, with the children. This is an exciting, skill-based, fun-filled course. Unleash the programmer within!

Join the Scratch revolution sweeping through schools all over the world.  Scratch is a computer programming language for children designed with learning and education in mind. As children create and share projects in Scratch, they practice and apply a range of mathematical thinking and skills in a fun, creative and real context. As they work on tasks, they are learning how to think creatively, reason systematically, work collaboratively and problem solve. In this self-paced online course, teachers will work through a wide range of challenges, acquiring the knowledge and skills to introduce their pupils to Scratch programming. Lots of mathematical understanding is utilised and embedded while working in the scratch environment e.g. angles, measurement, geometry, grid references, direction, rotation etc.


The online format of this course enables you to study at a time and place that best suits your own needs. 

You can access your course from July 1st to August 16th 2024.

Within this highly interactive web-based course, a dynamic learning experience awaits, where you can interact with your fellow course participants through the in-course chat forums and communication tools provided by the CPD College learning system. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable tutors actively support each course, providing expert interaction, guidance and feedback for all participants on chat questions and assignments which call for critical reflection, self-analysis and a reasoned response. 

On successful completion of your course, you can download and print off your CPD record and certificate of completion.

We look forward to welcoming you to your course.

Learning Outcomes

This course aims to:

  • Equip teachers with the skills, insights and activities to introduce their children to programming with SCRATCH.
  • Explain the skills pupils can learn and acquire from scratch programming including: Information & media skills, communication skills, critical thinking & systems thinking, problem solving, mathematical and computational skills etc.
  • Create basic Scratch projects as skills are taught.
  • Create artistic projects using Scratch programming as skills develop.
  • Create game projects that define goals, rules, actions, consequences and outcomes as skills cement.
  • Underpin Scratch projects with solid literacy activities/ skill development.
  • Outline and create projects that are related to all subject areas of the curriculum.
  • Look at, review and score one’s own ‘Teacher Practice in Mathematics’ as part of the SSE process.


01 - Introduction to the skills set that pupils will develop from Scratch programming. Participants are introduced to creative computing and Scratch, through basic sample projects.
02 - Creating scratch projects with an artistic twist, to include animation, drawing, shapes, music and dance.
03 - Explore storytelling through creating Scratch projects that include narrative, characters and scenes.
04 - Creating games using Scratch programming to explore and experience the concepts of goals, rules, actions, consequences and outcomes.
05 - Designing scratch projects to support learning in literacy, numeracy and other curricular areas.