Mindfulness and SPHE

Enhancing both student and teacher well-being.

Format: On-line
Course duration: 20 hours
ENROL €89.00

About the Course

Mindfulness – the word on everybody’s lips. Join us this Summer to discover the essence of mindfulness and prepare to make it part of your own life and the lives of your students. Add a real 21st Century dimension to your SPHE lessons. Engage in and experience some guided mindfulness practices, prepare to integrate it into your SPHE lessons, and acquire some great child friendly mindfulness exercises to explore with your class next year. Future historians may well decide that the introduction of mindfulness to the Western world was one of the most significant events of the early 21st Century. Help make history. Join and drive the revolution!

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Learning Outcomes

This course aims to:

  • Identify the benefits of a mindfulness approach to the SPHE curriculum and utilise mindfulness as a means of engaging with and delivering on the objectives and content of SPHE programme.
  • Equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to practice mindfulness in their own lives in order to organise and arrange objective based mindfulness practices for their children as an inherent part of SPHE
  • Source and utilise guided mindfulness practices.
  • Create opportunities to help children recognise and manage feelings and emotions, to develop self-confidence and a positive self-esteem, to manage anger, conflict and self.
  • Create objective based, structured SPHE lesson plans and utilise every opportunity to integrate with literacy e.g. SPHE Word Walls, talking about feelings in contexts, writing a letter to a bully, exploring emotions through poetry, reading stories to explore relationships etc.
  • Teach a range of methods for counteracting the stress response in the body through the experience of relaxation using techniques such as mindfulness.
  • Look at, review and score one’s own ‘Teacher Practice in SPHE’ as part of the SSE process.


01 -  What is mindfulness? We explore mindfulness in detail, we identify and itemise its benefits and its essential qualities. 
02 -  Mindfulness and education: The role of mindfulness in education and the powerful impact it can have within the objectives of the SPHE curriculum.  How mindfulness can help us to support the holistic development of children. 
03 - Teaching mindfulness: To teach, we must become practitioners. We present a series of mindfulness exercises and lessons that can be taught in our classes. 
04 -  Happiness: Exploring the state of happiness, the chemistry behind it and how mindfulness can help. 
05 -  Managing and dealing with stress: How we can cope with stress and teach others how to cope with the help of mindfulness.